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Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do Implants Cost?
The cost of Implants varies depending on the nature and complexity of the case. Although the initial layout may be more than for some conventional treatments, Dental Implants are a considerably more cost effective long term solution, as they out last other treatments and provide better, more reliable results. When calculating the cost of your treatment, your Dental Implant Dentist will consider surgery fees, lab work and the prosthesis itself, as well as his own fees and the fees of the dental technician. You can find out how much your treatment will cost by booking a consultation with one of the dedicated professionals listed on our site.

What Are The Risks Of Dental Implant Treatment?
The risks of Dental Implant treatment are minimal and will depend very much on the individual. Poor oral hygiene on the part of the patient may have an impact on the efficacy of the treatment and some pre-existing conditions (such as diabetes and osteoporosis) can affect the healing process. Every surgical procedure carries potential risk, but your Dental Implant Dentist will be able to advice you on the safety and viability of treatment.

Do Dental Implants Hurt?
Whilst all dental treatment can be slightly uncomfortable, Dental Implants do not pose any extra risk of pain as they are inserted under local anaesthetic. Your Dentist will advise you on aftercare and should be notified in the unlikely event that you experience any worries or doubts about the condition of the site post-treatment. If you are one of many dental patients who suffer from ‘dental phobia’, you can ask your clinician for advice on how to overcome your fears and get the most from your treatment.

How Do I Care For My Implants?
The best thing you can do to ensure the success of your treatment is to stick to a thorough oral hygiene regimen. Gently cleaning around the area will help the site to heal faster and more efficiently, making the next stage of the treatment easier. After the treatment is completed you should stick to the routine outlined by your clinician; even though the prosthesis is not a real tooth, it should still be fastidiously cleaned in just the same way as the rest of your mouth.

Is There Anything Stopping Me From Getting Implants?
Although young children should not undergo this treatment, implants can be inserted as soon as the jaw has stopped growing. There is no upper age limit for Implants and the majority of patients are viable candidates for Implant Treatment. There are a small number of medical conditions that may affect or prohibit treatment, but your Dental Implant Dentist will be able to advise you on this.

Will I Be Happy With The Results?
Long term research indicates that Implants from leading dental manufacturers have a survival rate of up to 98%, making the long term viability of Dental Implants particularly satisfactory. Surveys show that Implant treatment has a success rate of over 90% and 97% of patients indicate that they are happy or ‘extremely happy’ with their treatments. This means that Dental Implants are preferable to conventional restorations, both medically and in terms of patient satisfaction. Dental Implant Dentists are judged by the quality of their work and so a respected clinician will be sure to offer you the best possible treatment in order to shore up his or her reputation.

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