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Are Dental Implants for me?

The best Dental Implants will ensure a stunning aesthetic alongside reliability and stability. However, it is important when getting Dental Implants that you choose a clinician with a wealth of experience and years of training, who can offer you the best possible treatment. That’s where Dental Implant Dentists comes in: we list only the very finest clinicians in order to save you time and ensure the efficacy of your treatment.

The Facts:

  • Dental Implants help to maintain the natural bone by transferring ‘chewing forces’ to the jaw bone. This means that the pressure exerted by chewing is evenly spread and the bone remains intact, preventing the recession that sometimes occurs with conventional bridges or prostheses, therefore preserving the shape of the face.
  • Conventional dentures can necessitate the use of ‘dental plates’ to help them stay in place. These plates can create ‘pressure points’ that cause discomfort when talking, smiling or eating.
  • When placing a conventional bridge, your dentist must grind down the neighbouring dentition to provide support. This is uncomfortable and can lead to long term damage because of the disruption of the tooth’s natural surface. With Dental Implants this procedure is not necessary.

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