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What is SEO, and can it help your clinic get more business?

If you haven’t heard of SEO or have limited knowledge, don’t panic, we can help explain the basic facts to make things simpler for you. SEO is the process of optimising your website to ensure it sends the correct signals to search engines such as Google or Bing to make them aware that the pages on your website are worth indexing.

shutterstock_161674859There is no simple rule for applying SEO to your website. It is a collection of methods used to help increase your rankings in search engine listings. This could involve things like making your website mobile friendly, creating a good user experience, and using key words and topics to make searches relevant.

Digital Marketing companies who have many years of experience such as Big Group Insight, will be able to advise you how your website in currently performing. They will also highlight any changes you can make to ensure search engines find your website more appealing, to encourage them to start listing your business higher in their rankings.

Back in the day there were certain companies that adopted unsavoury techniques called Black Hat SEO (, although this practice may have got websites listed higher in rankings incredibly quickly, search engines penalised them for the methods they were using and companies found their websites being dropped off the radar with little chance of being ranked again. Such techniques are quite obviously not advisable and if you want to find out more about how your digital marketing company is applying SEO to your website, you can ask them to talk you through their digital strategy for your website.

shutterstock_580006267Behind the scenes, search engines constantly scan or crawl websites to ascertain the relevance of them, so they can ensure they are providing the best service for their customers. After all, if you are searching for a plumber but your search listing gives you a list of brand new cars, you won’t find it very helpful.
Search engines will also scan your website to check that your website is easy to navigate around and that the information contained on your pages are easily understood and relevant to the search terms you are asking to be found for. Again, for those sites who tick all of these boxes they are more likely to be listed higher than those that are not so user friendly.

Creating content for your website is a great way to help push your website up the rankings. Using keywords and topics will show that the content you are posting is relevant and will therefore be engaging for visitors who click through to your site. Here are a few simple ideas of how you can create engaging content on your website:
• Blog posts and articles
• Social media content
• Infographics
• E-books and white papers
• FAQs

This blog just covers a very basic understanding of SEO and how it works, but if you would like to know more about the technical aspects of SEO visit:

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