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The 12 Aromatherapy Oils of Christmas!

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but it can also become rather stressful with so much to do. From buying presents and wrapping them, to cooking and partying through the night, Christmas can tire many of us out long before the big day arrives. Whether you’d like to bring the smell of the festive

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It’s time to get spicy!

Herbs and spices have been known for centuries to add flavour and colour to our food. But did you know that as well as keeping our senses alive they can also be hugely beneficial to our general health. The eastern world has used spices to help treat ailments for many years, but the western world

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Less than a quarter of Brits are happy with their smile

A survey published by White Glo earlier this month has revealed that just 23% of Brits are happy with their smile. The most common reason given for this was staining and discolouration and around a fifth of us think we would be more outgoing if we had whiter teeth. Respondents even believe that if they

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The number of adults seeking orthodontic treatment in the UK increases

A survey carried out by the British Orthodontic Society – BOS – ( has revealed that an increasing number of adults in the UK are seeking orthodontic treatment. The survey was sent out to high street dental practices and, of those who responded, a massive 75% reported an increase in the number of adult treatments

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